Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Trip Friday 058: Saturday BBQ lunch

Two weeks ago my husband and I hosted a BBQ lunch at our house. We invited our friends to come over just because…
We had the food and drinks covered but friends still brought some “contributions”.  PinayWifeSpeaks brought her creamilicious Bicol Express, Mumsified made leche flan and PinayMum contributed ham, cheese, siomai and other finger foods. Due to the “excitement” we forgot to serve the fresh fruits brought by Mom of the Furries and the hotdogs with mallows for the kids.

Some more pics:

The kiddos had a great time playing Wii games, Jenga, and riding on our stationary bike! With plenty of food and drinks that lasted all afternoon, it was a fantastic way to spend the weekend together.

N.B.: Unless otherwise noted, the pictures are mine and first appeared in my other blog.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of qr code in my food

Today I was surfing for hours in search of some inspiration, food inspiration, that is. But while I sat clicking sites after another, looking at online food stores, my attention was turned to a site that introduces qr code in its outdoor advertising materials. These codes are readable by mobile phones. Oh my, so many awesome things a mobile phone can do these days. More and more I am led to believe that mobile phones are now in the  “basic need” list of an increasing number of people all over the world because of the convenience it g


And what is a qr code do, you ask? My dear friends, Mr. Wiki says a qr code is a specific matrix code, and, a standard qr, or Quick Response, code looks like this box on the right:

So who  invented the qr code? Of course, the Japanese did! They always invent the cool stuffs! It is used to get collect information about almost anything and sends these information to a mobile phone. You see these codes everywhere, don’t you? In the groceries, you see the cashiers whip out barcode scanners to get the price and other information on the product you are buying. In marketing circles, these qr codes are already used in movies, billboards, store-displays, that are linked to websites and easily read by some mobile phones. Pretty neat, huh? It is believed that the fast-paced advancement of mobile technology and the increase in mobile technology use, more and more quick response code usage will come out in the future.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Trip Friday 057: My version of Chicken Kiev


This is my version of chicken kiev…

Nothing fancy in the preparations - I marinated the chicken breast in eggs with a dash of pepper and a tablespoon of Kikkoman soy sauce for at least 30mins. Inside the chicken breast I put a rash of bacon and a bit of cheese before frying. Using olive oil, I fried the chicken over low flame in a covered pan for 10mins for each side. When almost done, I sprinkled with a bit more cheddar cheese and let it melt for a few minutes. To finish it up, I blow torched the cheese to give it a hint of burnt cheesy flavour.  Yum. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Heart Coffee

Valentine’s Day came and went unnoticed.

While the whole world was seeing hearts everywhere, my husband and I were recuperating from the BBQ lunch we hosted two days before V-day.  The plates and cutleries were finally put back in its places and we were munching on the leftover food with coffee in front of the television. I guess we’re not so big on celebrating V-day. We don’t need schzmaltzy stuffs because we fill each other with love. Naks. I’ll give you a tip, we welcome any kind of gifts for coffee-lovers. hahaha. Like this jumbo coffee mug on the right, because one cup isn’t enough for us in one sitting  ;)

I’m kind of yearning for a cuppa Joe and wishing that my PELUKA sisters and I could meet for our regular coffee date this week. We always frequent this small and unassuming coffee shop in Boengkengkang area that is so popular to expats and locals alike. They serve better coffee compared to other coffee shops with  big names in the city because they have this unique coffee  specialty blends that are worth coming back to.

This cafe is locally-owned and managed by brothers who have studied the art of coffee, coffee-making and pastry-baking abroad. All these factors combined, plus their management skills and great business sense have propelled them to open a second shop. Not bad considering that there are a lot of coffee shops mushrooming all over the city. New ones,  but definitely lacking the originality.

Anyways, I know I’m just blabbering over coffee, but if you are a coffee-addict like me I suggest you check out this new discovery of mine,, for a comprehensive source for your coffee needs. You’ll be surprised to find out that it has every thing there including the hard-to-find items.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bloggers Exchange Linky Love

I should have posted this earlier but a lot of things went in the way.  I joined The Bloggers Exchange to inject a bit of fun and excitement in my blog-life. Conceived by the ever-energetic Willa of the FoodTripFriday site, it now has over 200 members with a lot more trying to get in. Galing! To know more about the TBE, please click the following badge:
TBE is a group of mostly women bloggers located every where in the world and the numbers are growing ever week. So far, here are the members, in alphabetical order (please read after the jump):

Friday, February 4, 2011

Food Trip Friday 056: Lucky’s Italian Gelato

After successfully combating viruses and malwares lurking maliciously in my laptop, I rewarded my husband with – wait for this – three scoops of gelato! So off we went to Lucky’s in Sihanouk Boulevard for this very refreshing treat.

Gelato has no cream in it and has a much lower fat content compared to ice cream; yet it is creamy, melts in your mouth so quickly  and you can taste the full flavour  immediately.  Yum. A second helping of gelato is always a MUST.