Monday, April 21, 2008

Kep Lodge's Chicken Noodle Soup

Still about Kep...

While in Kep, we stayed at our friend's newly opened guesthouse. Called the Kep Lodge, it offers six charming bungalows with a great view of the Gulf of Thailand and Bokor mountain. We stayed there for one week, waking up late, having breakfast at the restaurant enjoying the view. Breakfast is served free at the restaurant. Although the choices are very limited for the free breakfast, however, the restaurant offers a variety of international menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar might be small but you would be amazed at how many drinks they can mix for you! But I digress now.

Rob and I loved this simple chicken noodle soup prepared by the local staff for breakfast. Steaming and tasty, with generous amount of chicken and vegetables sprinkled with freshly ground pepper, a bowl of this was a great way to start our day.

chicken noodle soup

Kep Lodge is owned by Dan and Chheang Kreis and is located at the foot of Kep National Park. For more information, just click the link above and it will lead you to their website.


tigerfish said...

That looks like an absolutely tasty noodle soup made with chicken+veg stock! What could be better for breakfast? :P

Sreisaat said...

Oh yes, definitely!