Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reaj's Burger House, Kampot

I recently arrived in the country for an emergency and boy, I tell you, it is great to be back home! I was greeted at the airport by my parents and my niece and nephew. And when in my hometown of Roxas, I am looking forward to having delicious homecooked meals,- especially seafoods of which Roxas City is so known for.

Before I left Phnom Penh, my husband and I retreated to the coastal town of Kep, about 170kms away from the capital of Phnom Penh. Surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, Kep was, in its heydeys, a tourist town of the wealthy and elite French and Khmers. Now, only the abandoned villas speak of that golden years. We go back to Kep not only because of the fresh seafood it offers but also because despite the recent appearance of new hotels, restaurants and bars, it remains quiet and still has a remote jungle feel to it.

Kep used to be part of Kampot province, and a visit to Kep is never complete without a visit to Kampot. Driving around the town, you see the old colonial buildings, some needing repairs, while others were newly painted in bright, gaudy colors.

We stopped by Reaj's Burger House along the riverfront. Reaj's was our favorite place for home-made pizzas and burgers. During our visit we found out more food in their menu and decided to give it a try.

So this is what he had for lunch:

Buffalo Chicken Roll
buffalo chicken roll
Yummy spicy chicken pieces topped with crumbled blue cheese. $3.50

Spinach Cream Enchiladas

Fresh spinach, chopped, cooked and mixed with garlic, mushrooms and cheese, wrapped in home-made tortilla, and topped with cilantro sour-cream sauce. $5

Spanish Ham and Cheese Panini
Good quality ham layered with parmesan and mozarella cheeses in home-made ciabata, spread with olive oil, diced red-pepper and olives, and grilled panini style. $3.50

My husband and I shared the meal and downed it with an ice-cold beer (him) and Sprite (me). The Spanish ham and cheese panini was a disappointment. It tasted like talcum powder and the ham is dry but the buffalo chicken roll and spinach enchiladas are superb and definitely worth coming back to! Reaj's Burger House can be found along the riverfront, just past the old Kampot market.


tigerfish said...

I would like that buffalo chicken roll or rather...burger? :)

Sreisaat said...

I was thinking that myself because it came in, not on a roll, but in a bun!