Sunday, July 27, 2008

Plastic containers: Silent Killers

In almost every household all over the world, you could find cupboards with plastic wares. These are things we use to make our workload easier, especially to store and re-heat our food. It is much cheaper than glass wares so it's commonly preferred by most households. However, the fact that the plastics can remain in the environment for hundreds of years, it is also quite detrimental to our health as scientists believe it can cause cancer. Here's some tips on controlled use of plastic from an article I read in Bangkok Post's My Life Magazine, Vol. 1, 019, dated July 24, 2008, page 6, written by Dr. Krisda Sirampuj under the Living Young column.

*Stop using containers that are made of plastic and polystyrene foam including plastic food wrap, disposable food trays and food cans.

*When you need to use plastic, avoid using in extreme environmental conditions, such as in high heat or freezing temperatures.

*Do not keep plastic bottles in the car when the weather is hot. Also avoid keeping the bottles for long periods of time in the car.

*Drink water from a glass, jug or stainless cooler instead of a plastic cup or plastic container.

*Replace all plastic food containers with glass, ceramic, or stainless containers.

*For children, use good quality plastic for baby bottles and choose organic dairy products instead of farmed or commercial dairy milk.

*For cosmetic products, look for "parabens-free" on the label, including lipstickm sunscreen lotion, foam bath, shampoo and conditioner.

If we try to do all of these, perhaps we can save the world from global warming and ourselves from dying young.

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Tony said...

The world would be a better lace without plastic. And a lot less dead sea creatures too. Thanks for visit to my blog last wednesday, I've been away & only just checked my comments.

Sreisaat said...

Thanks for getting back, Tony, and I assure you I will return to your blog regularly. I have a great interest in Tasmania. Great to have met you online :)