Friday, November 28, 2008

White-peppered Pork

My husband loves pork chop very much that it is served every week at home. They are tasty on their own, but I have to say that they're even tastier when they are marinated before cooking. Soaking the pork in basic marinade such as soy sauce, lemon, and sugar, gives a better flavor to the meat.

I have to admit though that it gets boring after a while making the same pork chop over and over again. It challenged me so much that I scoured the Net for more ideas and, luckily, I stumbled upon this exciting recipe (and bookmarked it), white-peppered pork slices, from the Cooking Ninja.

I tried it not long ago and I am happy to say that my husband loved it! In fact, he asks for it every week :) So I paid another visit to the Cooking Ninja to tell her how we love her recipe and to ask if she would allow me to post her recipe here. I'm glad that she gave her go-signal ... big, big thanks!


* Pork (cut into big slices)
* Ground white pepper
* Black soya sauce
* Potato flour or cornflour
* a bit of sugar
* oil (for frying)


1. Tenderize the pork slices.
2. Coat the slices with ground white pepper (to your desired amount).
3. Add some dark soya sauce, and a little bit of sugar on it and marinate them well with your hands.
4. Then sprinkle some potato flour on it and mix them well.
5. Heat up some oil in a frying pan or wok till hot, fry the marinated pieces for a few minutes or until cooked. Then drain it on paper towel.
6. Serve it while hot. Can be taken as part of the main dishes.

Cooking Ninja's original recipe didn't include minced garlic but we at home love garlic so much I had to add it in. I marinated it overnight and the result - a succulent, sweet, garlicky flavor. It did remind me of tocino, the sweetened cured pork native to the Philippines, but the white-peppered pork is spicier (superb) and more flavourful. For my husband, I served it with chips (french fries to our American friends) - it was an instant hit - while I prefer mine with steamed rice and a side dish of sliced tomatoes and cucumber.

Again, many thanks to the Cooking Ninja for sharing me her recipe (and the photo above) and for letting me share it to others through my blog. For more exciting recipes, visit the Cooking Ninja's blog.


The Cooking Ninja said...

I never thought of adding garlic at all. I shall try it with garlic next time. :) I have to give credits to my mom - recipe is from her. :)

As for the mutton curry, it really doesn't have any smell at all and the mutton is really tender after 2 hours of cooking. I think this curry is for meat that has strong flavour. The pork might just be overwhelm by the flavour of this recipe. If you like to use pork, try it with this Chicken curry recipe. My mom has cooked it with pork before and it is delicious. Make sure some of the pork has bones as they will give flavour to the dish. Adding a few potatos will thicken this dish a bit and give it a 'umph' factor.

Sreisaat said...

Thanks again, Cooking Ninja. And for the curry tips. Looks like I will be coming back to you for more cooking ideas :)
Btw, I took the liberty of linking you here. I hope you don't mind.