Monday, January 5, 2009

Look what I got for Christmas!!

goodies from home

... and, I was told there's, more coming!

As always, family and friends never let the holidays pass without sending us stuffs - to share with us the holiday spirit - which I want to show off here.

I would like to give special thanks to my family and to dear friends...

goodies from sam
Sam of Duotones, my soul-sister, pareho kaming Oragon *lol*. Dakul na salamat. Uya, helinga na iyan. Iyan na lang ang natada sa pig-padara mong Swiss Miss ta iyo yan an pig-enot kong inumon kada aldaw :)

goodies from Redlan
From Redlan of Redlan's Web of Arts. Yudi ha, kabalo sa kun ano ang paborito ko :)

goodies from Seralulalu
From my best buddy and tukaya Seralulalu of Seralulalu's Palette. Salamat, mare ha? I am so envious of your UP jacket, sana sinabi mo sa akin nagpabili na rin sana ako sa iyo. Hmmpfff!! *lol*

Christmas may not be celebrated here in Cambodia but we still feel the spirit from all the things you've shared to us. Thank you, thank you. May our 2009 be happier and filled with all the things we desire.



Anonymous said...

Ur welcome, tukaya!!! sa uulitin! hyuk hyuk!

Sreisaat said...