Friday, February 19, 2010

Food Trip Friday 019: Samdoo "Ried" Rice

Ried rice, anyone?
Yes, you read it right.
It says right there in the menu.
I and my lunch dates - Elma and Che - could not stop giggling as we flipped through the pages of the menu. I was reminded about another  funny encounter I had in another Chinese restaurant years ago.

Anyways.... It was my first time at Samdoo Restaurant, tucked amidst a block of mostly restaurants offering Chinese specialties (it's off Monivong Boulevard and near Psah Thmey or the Central Market). The numerous Chinese restaurants all over the capital bring to the country yummy Chinese flavor to Phnom Penh's huge Chinese population as well as to an expat community with big appetite for Chinese food.

Since it already attracted our attention, we decided to try the Samdoo "ried" rice special...

... and we weren't disappointed! Here were the rest of our meal:

                                      Phoenix dumplings

Fried collard greens with garlic - oh so tasty!

Siomai, my all-time favorite

Bean curd and seafood hotpot, my new discovery. All the above dishes were perfectly enhanced by a spoonful of chili oil (with real, hot chili bits) and soy-vinegar. 

Samdoo is one of the popular dim sum restaurants in Phnom Penh and they have wide array of dim sum favorites in its menu. The dishes are a bit pricey compared to other Chinese restaurants around the same block, but, by Khmer standards, Samdoo Restaurant is clean, including the toilet. The food was served in no time and the servers were attentive. I would love to go back there with the mister and try out their other popular dishes.


Unknown said...

the "ried" rice looks delicious! so it's friend rice with seafood and veggies? the phoenix dumpling is same as hakaw (shrimp dumpling)? you're making me hungry!

Cecile said...

this ried rice looks so yummy with all the veggies and shrimps...i feel hungry no; too bad we don't have this ried rice here in TX :-(

Mariposa said...

I can have the ried rice too! LOL

I'm up at my other site - >Beyond You

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I love all the food especially the Siomai, but I think the "ried" rice is enough for me. :)
Happy Friday!!!
Food Trip Friday

 gmirage said...

cute, i want ried rice too! muka masalap pakain nyo....haha ;) Happy weekend!

Nedekcir said...

lol, a mis-print? The collard greens is very appealing to me. Maka-vegetables kc ako...:)

Amy said...

dhay sarah, gi gutom ko nag tan-aw sa ried rice.. looks truly yummy:)

Josiet said...

Better wrong spelling than wrong taste? Hahaha! Ang sarap nga tingnan ng mga dimsum. Sama ako next time!