Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Trip Friday 020: Thursday night dinner

Just taking advantage of my free time tonight so I'm now posting my entry for this week's Food Trip Friday. This was what we had for dinner:

Chips, fried spaghetti and our favorite Thai pork in coconut milk. What a combination, eh? 
The pork in coconut milk tastes somewhat like our adobo or pork bistek but more flavourful. The pork meat was marinated for hours in a mixture of several sauces and spices. The coconut milk is da bomb! It definitely gave it its unique flavour! Yum.


Clarissa said...

The food looks sumptous and the presentation is a big WOW!I bet thai pork in coconut milk tastes good,too!

Cecile said...

mukhang masarap sa picture pa lang, sana ma try ko din yan minsan :-)

Sreisaat said...

Hi Clarissa and Cecile, thanks for dropping by. The pork in coconut is really tasty at di mahirap gawin... try niyo minsan :) have a great weekend sa inyong dalawa.

Unknown said...

Your food look deliscious sis. iba iba talaga paraan ng pagluluto or cuisine sa ibat ibang bansa. thanks for stopping by at my site.

Unknown said...

i'd like to cook this one of these days--the Thai pork in coco milk. couldn't sleep thinking about it (LOL).

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

The Fried spaghetti sounds very interesting.:)
Happy Friday!!
Food Trip Friday

Ms. Journ said...

kakaiba ito sis, nice entry. Sarap pala maglakbay sa mga food every friday. Here's my entry too, c u !

Sreisaat said...

Shy, tama ka. Iba-ibang methods ng pagluluto, iba-ibang ingredients ang gamit... but in the end, sa tiyan napupunta at nabubusog tayo. Masarap ang maraming choices, di ba?

Luna, oo, magluto ka rin nito. It's not that difficult to make. I-marinate mo lang for hours and about 30mins of stirring and simmering, voila!!! *nom, nom*

Willa, yes, it's spaghetti without the sauce! Masarap din siya hihihi.

Anne, thanks for dropping by. I'll go see kung ano ang handa mo this week. Naku, kung mga neighbors lang siguro tayo, tiyak bondat tayo every Friday!

AC said...

ang ganda ng presentation! at mukhang masarap din ha! haven't tried fired spag yet at lalo na ang thai pork na yan.. nakakagutom naman!