Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food Trip Friday 021: Cold gazpacho to beat the summer heat

Two nights ago, I was not really in the mood to prepare dinner. Aside from the fact that I had no idea what to make, I also didn't feel like turning the stove on a stuffy, warm Wednesday evening. On the 11th hour though, I sluggishly dragged my butt to the fridge, one good look at my veggies bin and saw this lot staring back at me:

Tomato and friends

So what to make of these?

The hot summer days are upon us again on this side of the planet and we've been getting our money's worth out of our airconditioner. So I reckon, why not make one of those refreshing cold soup for this barmy night? With an over-supply of tomatoes,  gazpacho came to my mind  and I immediately sprung to action.

The cold gazpacho soup didn't fail to satisfy me and the mister. Served cold, we enjoyed a bowl of this with a French baguette dipped in olive oil-malt vinegar mixture and giant meatballs that I prepared earlier in the day. Gazpacho is a very light and rehydrating meal (it tastes even better the following day) and saved a whole lot of tomatoes from ending up in the garbage can.

P.S. The downside is that the husband and I got hungry a couple of hours after dinner and raided the fridge for some late-night snacks! Ah, sira na naman ang diet regimen namin.


janet said...

it's so hot in my place too. would like to get a hold of it's recipe. maybe i can do it too. :D

Sreisaat said...

Places and Memories, this is a very refreshing soup and easy to make. All you need to do is put the main ingredients in a blender, then add in a teaspoon of olive oil, vinegar and salt. Leave me your email and I'll send you the complete recipe =)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

sometimes, I have to wait until I'm very hungry, and instantly,I can come up with something. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sarap naman nyan!

Pwede pa bang humabol kahit late na? I am sharing Pork Roast. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Well it came out pretty good though even if you clueless what to prepare. thanks for the visit and comment

Clarissa said...

I bet you're really a good cook dear coz you can come up with anything on what's in your kitchen.I would love to make the cold gazpacho soup this summer,my lil Haruka loves tomato!

Cecile said...

i like gaspacho, sayang at di ako marunong magluto nyan :-(

mukahng masarap pagkakaluto mo dear, thanks for sharing!

Kero said...

that looks delish!

i hope you can share the recipe next time. i want to serve other soups aside from crab and corn =)

Nedekcir said...

This would be nice for lunch, para maraming makain for And you can to bed full.

Gazpacho, I should remember the name and make some when I feel adventurous in the