Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Trip Friday 022: Vego Salad Bar

There's a newly-opened salad bar in town called Vego and my friends went there last Wednesday to check the food.  We were sort of in an adventurous mood and,being meat-lovers, we were surprisingly very eager to try an all-green lunch. Turns out, it's a make-your-own salad joint. How fun! For $3.50, I had this:

                         You pick your green leaves, 4 add-ons, condiment, and dressing:
                                 Greens - Ice berg,  Romaine
     Free add-ons - cherry tomatoes, mushroom, green olives, cucumber
                                 Free condiment - boiled eggs 
                                 Dressing - Vego dressing

Once you had your pick, they will make it for you. For $1 you get to choose another cheesy add-on, and, another $2, there's salmon, tuna, prawns, crabmeat and sundried tomatoes for choices.

Set in a small but a nice, cozy, woody interior, which I really, really like. During lunchtime, customers usually queue for take-outs and so the place doesn't really get crowded that much. Diners are guaranteed to enjoy chemical-free vegetables and the dressings are freshly made. Ratana, the owner, said the Vego dressing is a secret family recipe.

How odd it seemed, but I chose a nice concoction of pineapple, orange, mango, and banana drink they call the Power Punch to go with my salad. Power punch nga - it was so powerful enough to cause my insides to revolt hours later. But that's another story for later. I was quite happy with my pick, enjoyed the ambiance and service. Ratana is so friendly and accommodating. My friends and I are happy to come back to this place again when the urge to eat greens strike us again. And by the way, they do accept deliveries for free! 

Vego is located along Street 51 (Pasteur), about four doors down off Sihanouk Boulevard, and just a stone's throw away from Wat Langka and the Golden Street. 


Cecile said...

your salad looks good, yummy and healthy; great for me who in on diet :-); thanks for sharing!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

that's not bad na for $3.50 ha, make your own pa, so it means walang masasayang,kasi for sure yung kinakain mo lang ang ilalagay mong ingridients.:)

janet said...

looks really healthy and yummy too. :D

Nedekcir said...

Very healthy, my favorite meal in the summer months.

Unknown said...

Napaka healthy ng food mo dito sis. good sa nagdadiet.

Enchie said...

Very healthy and there were plenty of choices :D

Ms. Journ said...

We usually have salad every dinner , everyday. My hubby wants to have vege salad and so i am.

Super healthy nga ito. Here's My Chicken Curry Version.

Tara said...

Ok, ok, we can have an ex-deal with this...I'd love to have this too you can have my cheesecake!

AC said...

i love love salad! most specially those green ones.. pero i'm not healthy and I'm not on a diet.. haha!!!