Saturday, April 3, 2010

Salt, salt... salt of the earth

I recently got my blood tests back and results showed that I have high uric acid in my blood. I was shocked to learn about this but, sensing my alarm, the Fil doctor assured me that it doesn't necessarily mean that I already have gout or kidney problems.

Just so you know, I am so fond of salty foods. Here in Cambodia, dishes are almost always seasoned with patis (fish sauce), prahok (preserved fish), kopi (bagoong, preserved tiny shrimps) which, as you know, are all salt-based,  plus the fact that my water intake is below the recommended level. It is when I realized that it's probably my over-consumption of salt/salty foods that caused this.  So, of course, I asked the doctor how can I lower my uric acid level. Avoid salt/salty foods and take lots and lots of water, she answered promptly. In addition to this, she advised me to maintain a healthy weight, to exercise regularly.

Back home, I tried searching for low-salt recipes for me and came across a kind of salt that is touted to do wonders to our health and well-being. It is called the Himalayan salt, and as the name suggests, it is mined only from the great Himalayan mountain range. It basically is used similarly to the ordinary table salt for cooking and it is also used for bath salts, but the Himalayan salt is packed with extra medicinal and valuable detox properties. The salt contains assorted minerals that, not only give therapeutic effects to one's body, but also give its pretty pink color. This wonder salt is actually very versatile - Himalayan salt does not only provide us culinary and well-being benefits, the salt slabs (cut or uncut) provide fantastic uses at home, whether as a serving-platter or crystal lamps. I'll surely add Himalayan salt in my wish list for this year.


Amy said...

parehas diay ta day.. ako man pod mahilig sa salty foods ke sa sweets. pero sahay ako i-control kay ang kidney lisud na. hehehe*

Sreisaat said...

Lagi, Ate Amy. Maghinay-hinay na ko sa salty foods oi.

Josiet said...

Naku same with you Z. I like salty food. As we get older we really need to lessen our salt intake...I try at times pero kulang pa rin.

Ron Cooper said...


Digital Flower Pictures said...

If you are feeling good now is the time to make a change. It gets much harder later on.