Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food Trip Friday 040: Cafe dahko teuk'o (iced coffee with milk)

Yes, say it one more time... café dahko teuk'o... a bit of a tongue-twister, eh? But never you mind, just say iced-coffee and you'll surely be addicted to it, too!

I have to say that the best iced-coffee in Phnom Penh is found at Psar Tuol Tumpong (Tuol Tumpong market), popularly known as the Russian market. I love it so much that I used to have my fix more than three times a day. And who doesn't? It is prepared similar to the Vietnamese style of coffee-making using a clay pot and out comes a wonderful blend of Khmer-Vietnamese coffee, crushed ice, and all-you-can-stomach sweetened (or condensed) milk. It is absolutely a must-have! If only not for my current diet regimen, I would be happily sipping a glass of iced-coffee every time I crave for it. 

Tired of exploring the maze-like Tuol Tumpong market? Feeling hot and thirsty? This sinfully addictive caffeine fix will not only quench your thirst but will leave you jiggly-wiggly and ready for more rounds of shop-till-you-drop adventure!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Food Trip Friday 039: Pork Embutido

Home-made embutido... bow!

I finally was able to make this Pinoy meatloaf, errr, meat roll? Whatever. There are a lot of recipes online and I chose the one that didn't look complicated to prepare. hihihi.

Masarap siya and my husband loves it, too. I made three huge logs that I keep in the fridge. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snacks din. Best eaten straight from the fridge, pero pwede ring i-fry, whatever suits your taste.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Trip Friday 038: Spicy chicken with Thai Basil

This is my version of the popular Thai dish, spicy chicken with Thai basil. One of my favorite dishes that takes just a few minutes to put in the pan and cook while I go do some little things else.

This is a super-quick dish, easy to make and delicious! Chicken breast fried with garlic, chili flakes (you can also use fresh chopped chili) and lots and lots of basil. Seasoned with patis (fish sauce). Topped with fried egg - a touch my husband loves.  You'll  have this one-dish meal on the table in just a jiffy. I make this dish when I am so running out of time and this definitely takes out the frazzle of the cooking chore.