Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Heart Coffee

Valentine’s Day came and went unnoticed.

While the whole world was seeing hearts everywhere, my husband and I were recuperating from the BBQ lunch we hosted two days before V-day.  The plates and cutleries were finally put back in its places and we were munching on the leftover food with coffee in front of the television. I guess we’re not so big on celebrating V-day. We don’t need schzmaltzy stuffs because we fill each other with love. Naks. I’ll give you a tip, we welcome any kind of gifts for coffee-lovers. hahaha. Like this jumbo coffee mug on the right, because one cup isn’t enough for us in one sitting  ;)

I’m kind of yearning for a cuppa Joe and wishing that my PELUKA sisters and I could meet for our regular coffee date this week. We always frequent this small and unassuming coffee shop in Boengkengkang area that is so popular to expats and locals alike. They serve better coffee compared to other coffee shops with  big names in the city because they have this unique coffee  specialty blends that are worth coming back to.

This cafe is locally-owned and managed by brothers who have studied the art of coffee, coffee-making and pastry-baking abroad. All these factors combined, plus their management skills and great business sense have propelled them to open a second shop. Not bad considering that there are a lot of coffee shops mushrooming all over the city. New ones,  but definitely lacking the originality.

Anyways, I know I’m just blabbering over coffee, but if you are a coffee-addict like me I suggest you check out this new discovery of mine,, for a comprehensive source for your coffee needs. You’ll be surprised to find out that it has every thing there including the hard-to-find items.


Cheerful said...

i love coffee too, kaso lang 1 mug is enough to last until night time na, hehehe, bagal uminom, eh, hihihi! cute ng mug. i miss having coffee with you and the rest of pelukas...:)