Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A birthday dinner to remember

After several weeks of being busy with the international conference that I helped organised, I am finally free and ready to continue my food trips. I was relieved that the last of the participants left Phnom Penh on my husband's birthday. After sending them off, I immediately sprung into action and planned a simple dinner.

For our food, I decided to prepare my husband's favorite food. Nothing fancy, just his favorite samlor kari saramann, nom pang (local version of French baguette), beer, and of course, his birthday cake.

Cooking kari samlor saramann is a story in itself. It is easy to make, however, preparing the ingredients for the curry paste is quite tedious. Aside from picking the fresh ingredients from the market, you'll need the strength in pounding these herbs and spices into a curry paste.

Anyhow, when you've put on so much effort in making the food, it also follows that you set them in beautiful stoneware for a delightful dining experience. I tried something different this time. I set out the table in our living room and put out my best linens, usually reserved for special occasions such as this. And for a romantic finish, I lit dozens of tea lights.

It was a great intimate birthday dinner, just the two of us. I'm glad he loved every bit of it.


Clarissa said...

Awww..that is soo sweet of you dear!!Happy Birthday to your husband!!Best wishes!!^_^

Sreisaat said...

Thanks so much, Clarissa :D