Saturday, May 14, 2011

Food Trip Friday 066: Tea time, with jam and toast!


I’m back… I missed two successive weeks of FTF due to unavoidable circumstances. Just when I try to come back, Blogger/Blogspot was acting up and for the whole day (Friday) I could not access my blog. Fortunately, it’s now back this morning so … tuloy ang ligaya.

We have tea regularly at home so I’m sharing with you what goes with our tea. Sometimes we have biscuits, scones, and muffins, but most of the times we have tea with toast and jam. My favourite is blackberry jam, with real berries, slathered generously on toasted baguette with butter. I like mine slightly toasted though.

Come have tea with me :)


i♥pinkc00kies said...

i love toasts w/ peanut butter or jam! :D

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

I still have to try the Blackberry jam,I'm stuck with Strawberry.:)

Arlene said...

Hi Zar, i miss milk tea. How do you do it? Can u share ur recipe to make it? I love drinking it in China but forgot to ask them how they made it. :)

Cheerful said...

sarap naman nyan Z...blackberry jam! yum! perfect combination talaga lalo na you're having it with someone special! visiting late from FTF, sorry! have a great week! :)

wenn said...

i love blueberry jam!

cherry @1716south said...

i love tea too. i have a whole shelf just for my teas...=)

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