Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesdays at the Table 001: Tasty Chicken Wings

What is your favorite chicken part? If you ask me, it's the chicken wings! Though it doesn't have lots of meat compared to the thighs, it is way flavourful I think. My husband doesn't like wings, he favors drumsticks more but when I found a great marinade-recipe, he actually eats chicken wings more now. 

I'm participating in the new food meme that I found while surfing for recipes recently.  For my debut entry, I am posting the most-requested recipe of the tasty chicken wings I featured on Food Trip Friday last week. This recipe is by Delicious Asian Food and it is originally intended for back ribs. I just couldn't resist using it on chicken wings and I'm happy I did. Go visit her blog for really delicious and easy to follow recipes.

Here's the recipe: Tasty Chicken Wings (originally Tasty Baby Back Ribs)

Ingredients:  1kgs chicken wings
                    2tbsps corn flour
                    cooking oil for frying

Marinade:  3 tbsps oyster sauce
                 3 tbsps hoisin sauce
                 3 tsps cooking wine
                 3 tsps Worcestershire sauce  
                 generous amount of white pepper powder
                 3 tsps of cornflour                                                                                

Here's how:

1. Marinate the chicken wings for at least 6hours.
2. Heat oil in wok. Whilst heating it up, pour the 2tbsps of cornflour over the chicken wings and coat evenly.
3. Fry chicken wings in medium heat until thoroughly cooked.
4. Serve hot.

You can also roast if you have an oven by basting it regularly with the marinade.
It's not that difficult to make, is it? Well, I hope you all like it.


Lady Patchy said...

thanks for the recipe.Favorite din ni hubby ang chicken kaya I want to try new recipe for him.

Sreisaat said...

Hi Tatess! Yehey, finally, naka-comment ka na rin. Minsan kasi for no reason ay nag-iinarte ang Blogger. Sure, try mo recipe and let me know the results :D

Lady Patchy said...

oo nga .i will definitely try this and I will let you all know.

Josiet said...

Thanks for posting the recipe Z! Gagayahin ko syempre =)

We Ate This! said...

J, oo naman!